At Free From Italy we passionately believe that just because you have an allergy does not mean you have to compromise on taste or cannot enjoy authentic food.

Free From Italy has sourced genuine Italian foods that quality conscious Italians themselves enjoy back in Italy and can now be enjoyed here. Free From Italy have a long history of working with specialist Italian food companies and have focused on bringing the best products we can find in Italy to the UK.

Our aim is to supply the same quality that any Italian would expect and be delighted to eat. We know how serious Italians are about their food and we know they eat on average 28 kilos of pasta per person per year, so if you are Italian and have an allergy this is a serious issue. So what better place to go hunting for the best quality Free From foods than Italy?

All of our range is 100% free from specified allergens GUARANTEED

La Buona Vita – award winning pasta!

Produced in Italy by Pasta Lensi who have near 100 years of pasta making experience and tradition. La Buona Vita Free From Pasta is the king of gluten free pasta.

La Buona Vita pasta is made with corn and rice varieties especially grown and blended for Pasta Lensi in the region of Lombardia. It's this attention to detail that gives that light golden yellow colour, and clean taste you would expect from pasta. You will also find that our new lasagne sheets do not need pre-cooking. Saving on one fiddly chore!

Because of the special precooking techniques Pasta Lensi use on the corn and rice flour, La Buona Vita cooks like traditional pasta with none of the sticky mess that can be typical of some gluten free pastas. Additionally La Buona Vita Pasta does not contain soya, potato or Lupin. The pasta looks and tastes like traditional pasta, any Italian would be proud to serve up to friends and family.

Pasta Lensi developed the corn and rice recipe over a number of years and though other manufacturers have tried to emulate their recipe we believe the Pasta Lensi original is still unrivalled.

Pasta available at:

Glebe Farm Foods, Ocado, Morrisons, Amazon and Good Organic and Health Food Stores

La Buona Vita Pasta Free From Pasta shapes are available in Fusilli, Penne, Spaghetti 500g and Lasagne 250g.

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Le Conserve della Nonna Pasta Sauces

Le Conserve della Nonna Pasta Sauces are created by the Fini Group which is famous throughout Italy for its high quality food.

The two “Sugo al basilico” (Tomato & Basil) and “Sugo alla Arrabbiata” (Tomato & Chilli) Free From pasta sauces are made with fresh tomatoes grown in the area around the kitchens of Conserve della Nonna in the region of Emilia Romagna. The tomatoes are packed full of flavour and are prepared within 24 hours of being picked. It's this that gives the sauces the fresh, clean home-made taste and silky smooth texture.

Nearly every other pasta sauce on the market is double cooked giving an over processed taste which we have avoided to achieve excellent results. As an added bonus the sauces are also organic. So you can have everything, gluten free, the real taste of Italy and organic.

Le Conserve della Nonna Green and Red Pesto Sauces are gluten, dairy, egg, soya and nut free with a superior taste that loses none of the taste of a traditional basil pesto sauce recipe. We used pine kernels (pine kernels are really seeds, NOT nuts and found in the traditional Genovese recipe) and fresh basil to produce a high quality great tasting pesto sauce that defied many of our Italian friends to tell the difference between ours and the brand leader.

Pesto available at:

Glebe Farm Foods, Ocado, Asda, Good Organic and Health Food Stores

Sauces available at:

Glebe Farm Foods, Ocado, Good Organic and Health Food Stores

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